12 August, 2022 IDÉ banken

Idébank Group (CSR Fonder Sverige AB), a best start in Dubai market

Actively developing the Dubai market and receiving a huge investment of € 134.75 millions led to its share price increasing to 2.8 € on August 8.

Founded in Sweden in 2019, Idébank Group (CSR Fonder Sverige AB) grew quickly despite the impact of the pandemic. Its market entry point is that with the deteriorating economic environment around the world, many listing companies hindered development. Idébank Group assists listing companies re-energized with its services of multiple sectors for Startup, Payment issues, Legal, Finance, HR, Insurance, PR etc. 

In half a year, the company has successively received a total investment of > 400 million euros from the Middle East and Europe. On August 8, the share price of Idébank Group reached 2.8thanks to the investors. Many listing companies from the Western Europe, Southern Europe, Nordic countries, and Asia are very interested in conducting business in the Middle East, and are negotiating with Idébank Group. Listing companies of different sectors are very welcome to its new office in Aspin Commercial Tower, Dubai. 

Idébank Group offers funding to be granted to cover both direct & indirect costs in beginning their new business in the Middle East. Funding includes Startup Funding, SME Funding, Corporate Funding and Project Funding (www.ibg group.ae). Welcome to contact Idébank Group with your various needs!