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Ideas have the potential to change the world. The company’s main business focuses on helping listed companies in Sweden, other European countries and also Asia to expand their cross-border operations. To this end, our company has launched business and strategic layout in Dubai, Dublin, London, Zurich and other cities. If you have related business needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our main business objectives

Based on our business and our wide range of partners around the world, our board has decided to focus the company’s main business on helping public companies expand their cross-border operations. Listed companies have a certain desire for expansion and financial strength. Our business provides opportunities for listed companies to fully realize their potential, while at the same time promoting economic development in non-European countries.

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Starting a business is often easier than you think. With a good business idea and a healthy and strong sense of purpose, you are already well on your way. We at Idébanken can quickly review, adjust and verify your prerequisites so that you can quickly feel confident in entering into your commitment fully.

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Idébanken disposes of a competent group of lawyers who possess a broad knowledge of laws and regulations for companies as well as civil law. Regardless of whether it concerns corporate law, business law or private law etc., we are ready for your questions.

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Idébanken Försäkring works to maintain an up-to-date and carefully analyzed overall picture of the diversity of insurance alternatives available on the market. Together with you, we review your specific needs and help you find the optimal solutions.

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Idébanken Invest Online assists companies with being listed on the stock market and gaining access to share capital for the business. This is usually an extensive process, but where we can offer certified consultation within IPOs, new issues, etc. Furthermore, Idébanken Invest Online also offers stock and fund advice for private individuals and where we can offer well-analysed investment objects.

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Idébanken Media works to offer strategic and tactical marketing for companies. We work overall with everything from creating stable company profiles to a living presence in social media. Idébanken Media also possesses broad technical and practical knowledge and is at the forefront of the latest technologies and trends.

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When you need to hire, IDÉ banken HR is the best partner for the right match. You also get advice regarding employment law and contracts.

Idébanken Group supports your business in Dubai.

Advantages of creating a business in Dubai?
It is easy to set up a business in Dubai, where there are many free zones grouped by “activity sector”. To increase trade, Dubai’s free zones have all the infrastructure required for an internationalization project to succeed.
Unlimited zones attract more and more companies that want to position themselves in the Middle East zone as a global hub redistributing the entire Middle East and Asia, i.e. Reach almost 2 billion inhabitants. What a blessing for companies whose products are more than expected!
* You own 100% of the capital in your company.
* You can repatriate 100% of capital and profits (there are tax treaties between states and the UAE that exclude double taxation).
* No local corporation tax under 15 years and on income.
* No trade barriers or quotas for import and export, the procedures are simple.
* No restrictions on hiring foreigners, 3 years UAE residency You are closer to your prospects and clients in the Middle East.

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